How Does Medicaid Cover Long Term Nursing Home Care?

There can be a lot of anxiety if you are in need of long-term nursing care but aren’t sure how Medicaid will cover the expense. Rest assured, each state has a program to cover nursing home care and so you will be able to get the medical care you need!

If you have been worried about getting long-term nursing home care covered through Medicaid, you have come to the right place. You will be able to learn more about how Medicaid covers nursing home care and what next steps you should take to ensure your coverage. 

Medicaid Coverage for Long-Term Nursing Care

Medicaid is funded by both the federal and state governments, which means that there is quite a lot of variation of the program depending on which state you reside in. However, there are items that are mandatory for the states to cover, one of which is long-term nursing care. 

Since long-term nursing care is covered in every state, the only factor you need to see about is your state’s eligibility requirements for the Medicaid program. Depending on the state, there might be income limits or other factors that you would want to be aware of. 

If you are approved for Medicaid coverage for long-term nursing home care, then you will have full coverage in the majority of cases. Full coverage will include room and board, meals, medical assistance, medication, and any other care needed. 

How is Long-Term Nursing Home Care Funded Through Medicaid?

Each state has its own income limit set, with some being quite low and some having no limit at all. Regardless of what the limit is in your state of residence, once you are approved then most of your income will go directly to the nursing home except for a small monthly allowance. 

For example, in California, there is no income limit. So, if you are approved then it will not matter if you make $350/month or $350k per month. Both incomes would go directly to the nursing home and you would be granted a monthly allowance of $35/month. 

In Oklahoma, however, there is an income limit. In order to be approved for Medicaid’s long-term nursing home coverage, you must not have a monthly income of $2382 as a single applicant. If you make anything less than that amount, it will all go to the nursing home except for the calculated monthly allowance. 

Further Resources

To find out more information about the income limits in each state, follow THIS LINK and find your state on the Medicaid Income Eligibility Chart. Depending on your state of residence and marital status, you will have different requirements. 

Additionally, you may want to know more about everything that Medicaid covers in your state of residence. THIS LINK will take you to a detailed overview of the benefits of each state’s Medicaid program. 


David Duford
Author: David Duford