How To Check Your Medicaid Application Status In 2023

After hours of organizing files, filling out forms, and sending out the materials to apply for Medicaid, you are likely eager to know the status of your application! 

Checking the status of a Medicaid application is quite simple but can be a bit intimidating if you aren’t sure how to go about it. If this sounds like you then this is the right article for you!

Read on to learn all about the general instructions to check your application. Afterward, find your state of residence from the list below to get started!

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General Instructions for Checking Application

Since Medicaid is jointly funded by federal and state governments, there is always going to be variation in the process of one state vs. another. For specific information regarding checking the status of your Medicaid application in your state of residence, scroll below. 

In all states, three are three avenues to checking up on the status of a submitted application: phone, in person, and online. The online method for applying and checking status is almost always online since this is the quickest and easiest. 

However, do know that there are these other ways of accessing your application online makes you uncomfortable. Find your state below to find the way that works best for you!

Regardless of how you are checking the status of your application, make sure to gather any relevant materials or information beforehand. 

Once the person or computer finds your application, you should be able to hear more about the status of your application!

Before You Check Application Status

Before you get started on checking the status of your application, make sure to have everything that you need. This will change depending on your state of residence and the method you applied for Medicaid with, but include information such as the following:

  • Email address
  • Password 
  • Username
  • Submission/file number
  • Answers to secret questions

Check Medicaid Application Status: State by State Instructions

1. Alabama

In Person: Alabama office locator

Online: Alabama Medicaid Agency

Phone: 1-800-362-1504

2. Alaska

In Person:  click here for information on office locations

Online: Alaska Department of Health: Medicaid

Phone: 907-269-6529

3. Arizona

In Person: Phoenix office

Online: AHCCCS

Phone: 602-417-4000

4. Arkansas

In Person:  Arkansas office locator

Online: ArMedicaid

Phone: 501-682-8233

5. California

In Person: Sacramento office

Online: DHCS: Medi-Cal

Phone: 916-558-1784

6. Colorado

In Person: Colorado office locator

Online: Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing

Phone: 303-866-2993

7. Connecticut

In Person:  Connecticut office locator

Online: Connecticut Department of Social Services

Phone: 1-877-284-8759

8. Delaware

In Person: Delaware office locator

Online: Delaware ASSIST

Phone: 1-866-843-7212

9. Florida

In Person: Tallahassee office

Online: Statewide Medicaid Managed Care

Phone: 1-877-711-3662

10. Georgia

In Person: Atlanta Office

Online: Georgia Medicaid

Phone: 404-657-5468

11. Hawaii

In Person: Hawaii office locator

Online: Med-QUEST

Phone: 1-877-628-5076

12. Idaho

In Person: Idaho office locator

Online: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Phone: 877-456-1233

13. Illinois

In Person: Illinois office locator

Online: Illinois Healthcare and Family Services

Phone: 1-800-843-6154

14. Indiana

In Person: Indiana office locator

Online: Indiana Medicaid

Phone: 1-800-403-0864

15. Iowa

In Person: Iowa office locator

Online: Iowa Department of Human Services

Phone: 515-256-4606

16. Kansas

In Person: Kansas office locator

Online: KanCare: Medicaid for Kansas

Phone: 800-792-4884

17. Kentucky

In Person: Frankfort office

Online: Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Phone: 502-564-6890

18. Louisiana

In Person: Louisiana office locator

Online: Louisiana Department of Health

Phone: 1-888-342-6207 

19. Maine

In Person: Farmington office

Online: State of Maine: Office for Family Independence 

Phone: (800) 977-6740

20. Maryland

In Person: Maryland office locator

Online: Maryland Department of Health: Maryland Medicaid Administration

Phone: 1-800-456-8900

21. Massachusetts

In Person:   Massachusetts office locator

Online: MassHealth

Phone: 1-800-841-2900

22. Michigan

In Person: Michigan office locator

Online: Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Phone: 1-800-803-7174

23. Minnesota

In Person: Minnesota office locator

Online: Minnesota Department of Human Services

Phone: 800-366-5411

24. Mississippi

In Person: Mississippi office locator

Online: Mississippi Division of Medicaid

Phone: 1-800-421-2408 

25. Missouri

In Person: Missouri office locator

Online: Missouri Department of Social Services: Healthcare

Phone: 855-373-9994

26. Montana

In Person: Montana office locator

Online: Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

Phone: 1-800-362-8312 

27. Nebraska

In Person: Nebraska office locator

Online: Nebraska Dept. of Health and Human Services: Medicaid and Long-Term Care

Phone: 855-632-7633 

28. Nevada

In Person: click here to request office locations

Online: Nevada Division of Health Care Financing and Policy

Phone: 877-638-3472

29. New Hampshire

In Person: New Hampshire office locator

Online: New Hampshire Dept. of Health and Human Services

Phone: 1-800-852-3345 

30. New Jersey

In Person:  New Jersey office locator

Online: New Jersey Department of Human Services

Phone: 1-800-356-1561 

31. New Mexico

In Person: New Mexico office locator

Online: New Mexico Department of Human Services

Phone: 1-800-283-4465 

32. New York

In Person:  New York office locator

Online:  NY State of Health: Official Health Plan Marketplace

Phone: 1-855-355-5777

33. North Carolina

In Person:  North Caroline office locator

Online: North Caroline ePASS

Phone: 1-800-662-7030 

34. North Dakota

In Person:  North Dakota office locator

Online: North Dakota Human Services

Phone: 1-800-318-2596

35. Ohio

In Person:  Ohio office locator

Online: Ohio Dept. of Medicaid

Phone: 1-800-324-8680

36. Oklahoma

In Person:  Oklahoma office locator

Online: Oklahoma Human Services

Phone: 1-405-522-7300

37. Oregon

In Person: Oregon local office locator

Online: Oregon Health Authority 

Phone: 1-800-359-9517

38. Pennsylvania

In Person:   Pennsylvania office locator

Online: Pennsylvania Dept. of Human Services

Phone: 1-866-550-4355 

39. Rhode Island

In Person:   Rhode Island office locator

Online: Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Phone: 1-855-840-4774

40. South Carolina

In Person: South Carolina office locator

Online: South Caroline Healthy Connections Medicaid

Phone: 1-888-549-0820

41. South Dakota

In Person: South Dakota office locator

Online: South Dakota Department of Social Services

Phone: 1-877-999-5612

42. Tennessee

In Person: Tennessee office locator

Online: Division of TennCare

Phone: 1-800-342-3145 

43. Texas

In Person:  Texas office locator

Online: Texas Health and Human Services

Phone: 1-800-252-8263 

44. Utah

In Person: Utah office locator

Online: Utah Dept. of Health: Medicaid

Phone: 1-800-662-9651 

45. Vermont

In Person:  Vermont office locator

Online: Vermont Department for Children and Families

Phone: 1-800-250-8427

46. Virginia

In Person: Virginia office locator

Online: Virginia Department of Social Services

Phone: 1-855-242-8282

47. Washington

In Person: Olympia office

Online: Washington State Health Care Authority

Phone: 1-800-562-3022 

48. West Virginia

In Person:  West Virginia office locator

Online: West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services

Phone: 1-800-318-2596

49. Wisconsin

In Person: Wisconsin office locator

Online: Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Phone: 1-800-362-3002 

50. Wyoming

In Person: click here for information on how to find office locations

Online: Wyoming Department of Health

Phone: 1-855-294-2127 


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