Does Medicaid Cover Bathroom Equipment [Get The Facts]

Medicaid was established to assist financially disadvantaged children and the elderly, and this sometimes entails paying for the bulk of medical-related expenditures. 

Is this, however, a guarantee that your bathroom equipment will be paid by Medicaid?

Given the number of persons injured in bathroom accidents each year and the fact that certain elderly and handicapped people require the equipment for comfortable living, we are investigating the most cost-effective methods of obtaining the assistance you require.

With this in mind, we’ll learn about every Medicaid benefit and how to use it to get your bathroom equipment and be safe in your home.

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What is Medicaid and what can be covered?

Medicaid is a state and federal government program that provides financial assistance for medical expenditures for low-income families and individuals. This incredible service may provide assistance to anybody through treatment, sickness, or therapy.

While it is largely supported by the government, each state has the authority to establish rules and regulations as they see appropriate, so there are various things to consider depending on where you live.

Medicaid can cover a wide range of treatments and therapies, including doctor’s visits, nursing homes, tests, laboratory analysis, and much more. Remember that children and young adults under the age of 21 have special protection and will be completely covered by Medicaid.

But does this imply that everyone is covered for all medical expenditures, including bathroom equipment? Continue reading to learn more about durable medical equipment and what Medicaid covers.

What Is Considered Durable Medical Equipment?

Durable Medical Equipment, or DME, is a term used by Medicaid, Medicare, and other insurance companies and programs to define the equipment that patients require and that may be reused. 

Unlike one-use bandages, this sort of equipment is medically required and can give the patient health and comfort benefits.

DME includes:

  • Wheelchairs;
  • Hospital beds;
  • Canes and crutches;
  • Walkers;
  • Kidney machines;
  • Oxygen;
  • Ventilators;
  • Bili blankets and lights;
  • Lifts;

As you can see, these are all instances of items that a sick may require but a healthy person does not. In most circumstances, Medicaid will pay all or a portion of the cost of such equipment; but, does this include a bathroom and the equipment required in one? 

Let’s find out!

Does Medicaid Cover Bathroom Equipment?

Yes, bathroom equipment is funded by Medicaid in most states, subject to certain limits and rules. Depending on where you reside, these costs may be completely or partially covered with a nominal co-payment.

Given how crucial these bathroom items might be for an elderly or disabled person, it’s not unexpected that Medicaid has agreed to cover the expenditures. However, keep in mind that each state has the ability to create its own Medicaid budget and select how much will be covered.

The greatest thing you can do is contact your state’s Medicaid office and inquire about all of the benefits you may be eligible for. This can include local suppliers as well as the price range, type, and other parameters that will be reimbursed by Medicaid.

What bathroom equipment is covered by Medicaid?

Bathroom equipment may appear to be a broad phrase that encompasses a wide range of goods, but in fact, the emphasis is on the devices that allow the patient to move, stay safe, and be comfortable. 

This might include:

  • Grab a bar or multiple bars;
  • Shower chair with arms;
  • Set of tub threads

As you can see, these devices are intended to avoid falls and injuries among the elderly and those suffering from a disease. It should be noted that this equipment must be medically necessary and, preferably, recommended by the patient’s physician.

Does Medicaid cover walk-in tubs?

Some people have more movement issues, and bars and chairs may not be sufficient if the bathtub is taller. This is why specially constructed walk-in baths are available for persons who have difficulty moving.

These tubs, as well as the installation of the aforementioned bathroom equipment, are frequently paid for by Medicaid. However, because each state has its unique set of rules, it is a good idea to contact your health insurance provider or Medicaid officials for further information.

How to find bathroom equipment with Medicaid?

Finding bathroom equipment may not be as simple as you think, since while Medicaid may cover some or all of the price, there are a few limitations to consider.

This is why you must ensure that your state works with the chosen manufacturer, as there are some restrictions on the price, type, and brand of assistance equipment you may obtain.

Medicaid will always pay for the least costly option, and if you want something more expensive, you will have to pay the difference out of your own cash.

Contact your Medicaid office and get a list of vendors as well as extra information to assist you in selecting the finest bathroom equipment for your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Medicaid is one of the greatest programs in the United States, focusing on children, the elderly, and the disabled. This is fantastic news if you’re looking to make your house more comfortable and functional, especially if you have problems moving about.

Most states will enable you to buy long-lasting bathroom equipment, but bear in mind that you may not be able to pick the brand, kind, or price. This is all logical, given that millions of people rely on the Medicaid budget, and states are required to distribute funds in an equitable manner.

On the other hand, it’s reassuring to know that individuals who require the greatest medical help will always receive the best treatments and equipment.

David Duford
Author: David Duford